Melania Trump fury: How FLOTUS was humiliated amid shock comparisons to Michelle Obama

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The feud began after allegations that Melania was being treated poorly by the media when compared to Michelle’s stint as FLOTUS. Tensions erupted after ‘Melania & Michelle: First Ladies in a New Era’ was published last year, causing journalist Miranda Devine to lash out at the “thinly veiled criticism” the book directs towards US President Donald Trump’s wife. The publication, written by author Tammy R. Vigil, was deemed “troublesome” by Ms Devine, who claimed the book was “a mere bipartisan assessment of the public images of both women”.

She explained that Melania had not committed “the same errors of arrogant overreach” that other former First Ladies had, adding: “Melania has the humility to understand that she is not the main game.

“Such command of ego is the first requirement of a First Lady.”

The journalist’s comments were published in a New York Post column last year, and saw her vehemently defend Melania’s track record as FLOTUS.

Comparisons between Melania and Michelle have continually emerged, with claims of copying between the two arising consistently.

Yet, Ms Devine said it was unfair to compare Melania with Michelle at the moment as the former is “only halfway through her first term with a wildly hostile media”.

She claimed that Melania had faced “more vicious, personal and unrelenting” attacks “than any First Lady has endured, and argued that the hostility from the media may come as a result of her husband Donald.

Ms Devine continued: “Clearly, since the President has proven impervious to abuse, his enemies want to get at him through his wife.

“Whatever you think of her husband, you can’t say she has behaved with anything but dignity in her role, despite ugly provocations, which include attacks on her young son, Barron.”

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In the three years since Melania became First Lady she has been mocked and criticised on numerous occasions for a number of different reasons.

Ms Devine said: “Her Christmas decorations have been pilloried, her accent mocked. She has been depicted as a victim of domestic abuse.”

The First Lady has previously described herself to CNN as one of the “most bullied people in the world”.

The journalist added: “When it comes to the former Ms. Knauss, there are no boundaries to bullying at all.

“There is nothing she can do right in the eyes of media gatekeepers.”

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There has long been tension between the Obamas and Trumps, after now-US President Donald Trump won the election in 2016 to take over the running of the nation from Barack Obama.

Barack’s wife Michelle has also been a heavy critic of Trump, who she has attacked on Twitter over issues such as bullying and climate change.

But Michelle’s supporters were incensed after it appeared Melania had copied her decorations for a state dinner.

After Melania had received heavy criticism for the handling of her first US state dinner, when the time came for her to host Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny, the FLOTUS was aiming for an improvement.

In 2019, Melania tweeted to say that she had “carefully selected” the details of her latest event but avid fans of the First Lady and Michelle were quick to spot that she had copied her predecessor.

Some on Twitter said that Melania had taken a theme Michelle used during a state dinner thrown for German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2011.

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