Met Office verdict as blustery snow showers expected to hit in hours

UK weather: Met Office forecasts colder conditions

A cold week bolstered with blustery winds and wintry showers is what much of the UK can expect this week. That’s according to the Met Office which has predicted a “below average” few days in terms of temperatures. This is because a low pressure system is dominating, knocking out any spring-like sunshine and mild conditions.

This low-pressure system has started to move eastwards away from the UK today, it says, it allows cold Arctic air already in place for parts of Scotland, to spread south across the rest of the country by early Tuesday.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Jason Kelly said: “This week will see temperatures below average for the time of year for many. 

“Blustery winds will become confined to the far northeast overnight, with winds falling light elsewhere. This will allow widespread frost by night, though in sunshine by day, it should feel pleasant enough.

“Wintry showers will continue across the northeast, becoming confined to Orkney and Shetland by tomorrow afternoon.”

It then says from midweek low pressure will return from the southwest bringing outbreaks of heavy rain at times. “Although it will start to turn milder in the south it will stay colder in the extreme northeast with a few wintry showers,” the Met Office added.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist for British Weather Services, also added that this week would see the north cop the brunt of the cold conditions – and reminded readers that this weather is still typical of spring. 

Speaking to the Express, he said: “Yes, up and down it is at the moment, and that’s the way it’s staying. It can’t get much colder so expect it to warm up by Friday, but with it will come rain.

“More to come at intervals this weekend and thereafter, it’s all standard stuff really, it will be warmest in the south and coolest in the north.”

Bank Holiday weekend and beyond

Looking further ahead, deputy chief meteorologist Nick Silkstone said: “It will potentially take until the end of the week for the milder air to push as far north as northern Scotland.”

The forecaster added: “As the milder air pushes in temperatures will once again trend upwards and be mostly a little above average by the Bank Holiday weekend, although still perhaps remaining nearer average in the extreme northeast.”

It describes next week as looking “fairly settled at first, with a good deal of dry and mild weather”. This will be “occasionally punctuated by an afternoon shower”, it says. 

Looking towards coronation weekend, the Met Office insisted: “There is however, still far too much uncertainty in the forecast to give a detailed weather forecast for the Coronation weekend.”

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Met Office’s five-day forecast


Wintry showers continue in northern Scotland but elsewhere dry albeit colder than average. Cloud thickening from the southwest with outbreaks of rain arriving towards evening.

 Wednesday to Friday:

Cold everywhere on Wednesday with rain in the south and wintry showers in the north. Further rain and milder conditions will push north on Thursday and Friday.

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