‘Mexican cartel paid me to have sex with Mia Malkova – we bonked on AK-47s’

A porn star has recalled one of his most memorable shoots saw him paid by a Mexican cartel to have sex on guns and cocaine with Mia Malkova.

Spencer Michael Barrick, also known as Damon Dice, sat down on the Pillow Talk podcast to share the story of his experience in the porn industry with host Ryan Pownall.

The 35-year-old explained how he was once hired to shoot X-rated content for a deadly drug cartel in Mexico – which became one of the most memorable shoot of his career.

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Encouraging his pal to tell the story to guests Sophie Dee and Nara Ford, Ryan said: "I love the one you did in Mexico, why don't you tell that story?"

Damon Dice went on to explain that one of his "most memorable porn scenes was when me and [Mia] Malkova got paid to shoot porn for the cartel".

He added: "The cartel funded it. They had a big thing for Mia Malkova and she was like 'hey, I need a guy to shoot with'.

"It's the most I've ever been paid for a porn shoot – ever.

"It's in this nice high-rise in Glendale – like Tony Montona sh*t.

"We walked on the set, there's trashbags full of weed, pounds of weed, bricks of cocaine.

"There's 20 guns, there's gold plated AK-47s, Colt 45s – a whole arsenal of guns.

"We're like shooting the scene and literally f**king on top of guns, cocaine and weed."

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He went on to add that he smoked weed while doing the deed for the film too – which was since released online.

When asked if he would get in trouble for talking about shooting porn for the cartel, the porn star said that "it's cool, they're homies" and claimed it's "good publicity" for them.

The latest episode of the Pillow Talk podcast gained more than 26,000 views. New episodes are released on YouTube every Wednesday.


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