Model raped and stabbed 18 times by lag ex-boyfriend in front of their baby

A model was raped and stabbed 18 times by an ex-prisoner in front on their one-year-old child.

Evgenia Znamenschikova, 30, from Irkutsk in Russia, started communicating with partner Andrey Ivanov while he was in prison.

The pair “fell in love” and started living with each other after he was released from prison.

Two years later, the 30-year-old became “aggressive and jealous” and started abusing her.

Evgenia left him and went to live at a secret address, but he continued to stalk her.

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She said: “He brought a cake – but then came a nightmare.

“He stabbed me into my abdomen in front of our son and then in the neck.

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“Then he grabbed me by the neck and raped me.”

Evgenia’s screaming baby was beside her during the attack.

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She added: “I was fainting from pain. I remember him leaving and saying – ‘now you see how much I love you!’.

“He threw my mobile phone into the toilet so I could not call the ambulance.”

Evgenia crawled out of her door and begged for help from a neighbour, who gave her first aid and called an ambulance.

She is still undergoing treatment for her wounds and psychological therapy.

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“My hands were covered in cuts, eight stabs on my neck, one on my leg," she said.

“I tried to defend myself. I grabbed the knife from him.”

Ivanov was detained by police after fleeing to Tulun town.

He confessed in a police video to the stabbing, claiming: “I regret very much it turned out like this.”

He has been charged with attempted murder and threatening to kill, with a maximum sentence of 15 years.

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