Moment Cardiff crash victim helped mother prepare for her wedding day

Touching moment Cardiff car crash victim Eve Smith helped her mother prepare for her wedding day as they mourned her sister who was killed by drug drivers – eight years before Eve died in chillingly similar crash

This is the poignant moment a victim of the South Wales car crash helped her mother on her wedding day as the family mourned the death of her half-sister in a car crash in 2015.

Eve Smith, 21, was found dead in the wreckage of a white VW Tiguan on the outskirts of Cardiff in the early hours of Monday morning – almost two days after the five friends were last seen at a nightclub in Newport.

Eve, Darcy Ross, 21, and Rafel Jeanne, 24, died in the accident while Sophie Russon, 20, and Shane Loughlin, 32, survived but remain in a critical condition, according to police. 

But MailOnline revealed yesterday that Eve’s half-sister, Xana Doyle, was killed in 2015 by a drunk driver in a stolen car while high on cocaine and cannabis. The impact of Miss Doyle’s death, when Eve was just 13, was explored in a Sky documentary.

Broadcast in 2020, the show culminated in their mother Emma marrying for the first time aged 50, to Newport boxing coach Tony Borg. Cameras followed them for three years until the couple brought together their 13 children while preparing to walk down the aisle.  

Moving footage showed teenager Eve helping Mrs Borg choose her wedding dress and get ready on her big day. At one point Eve is filmed on the phone to her ‘Nan’, asking how she would like her make-up done and whether she would like false eye-lashes. And now the family has suffered another tragedy with Eve’s death confirmed yesterday.

In the documentary Emma is shown in tears as she describes her grief because of Xana’s passing. Despite finally finding happiness with her new husband, she says: ‘I know what it’s like to lose kids. If I could sacrifice my relationship to have my daughter back’. She added: ‘Every moment is difficult but I’ve got a duty to her [Xana] to continue living and living well.’

Eve Smith, who died in the Cardiff car crash that has horrified Britain, was filmed for a moving TV documentary as she helped her mother prepare for her wedding day as the family coped with the death of her half-sister, also in a car crash

Eve in a Sky documentary that charted how families deal with trauma after Xana’s death (left). The cameras followed the family for three years

Eve Smith with mother Emma, stepfather Tony and her brother on the Sky TV show This is Our Family, which followed their lives after the death of her sister Xana in a car crash in 2015

Eve’s sister Xana Doyle was killed by a drunk and drugged up driver in 2015

‘I’m not an emotional person at all – I don’t do tears, I don’t get upset about things. I’m strange like that. But that day was shocking,’ Mr Borg said as he described when Xana died. 

This is Our Family won plaudits for the sensitive way it dealt with the tragedy, and was filmed around the time the two men jailed over Xana’s death were about to be released.

Following’s Xana’s death in 2015, Eve herself paid her own emotional tribute, saying she had ‘tragically lost my beautiful big sister’. 

Eve, just 13 at the time, wrote on Facebook: ‘I never ever thought I’d have to say that or even think about it but it’s all I do. No-one will understand the agony and heartache I feel when I hear her name or see her picture. 

‘It’s so hard to understand or accept that she’s gone and I’m never going to be able to see her again. A million times I’ve needed her and a million times I’ve cried. 

‘If my love alone could have saved her she never would have died.’ 

In the documentary their mother Emma is filmed as she wrestles with Xana’s death.

She says: ‘I try to keep my emotions under control and not put them on anyone else; just laying them bare for everyone to see was quite difficult. But it’s important for people to know that you can keep living your life’.

Explaining why the documentary was so important, Emma added: ‘Sometimes you need to see that someone is going through the same thing as you, to be able to cope with what you’re going through. Hopefully that’ll help people.’

Eve Smith, 21, is among three to have died in a weekend party tragedy

Eve’s sister Sherridan Borg, 23, (Front) has paid tribute to her departed sisters Eve (back) and Xana (not pictured)

Eve and Xana in a family photo taken when they were younger 

After driver Sakhawat Ali was jailed for eight years, Xana’s mother Emma revealed her grief in a personal statement which was read out in court. 

She said: ‘Watching her brother, Zaine, and sisters, Lauren and Eve, trying to continue with life in so much pain is heartbreaking. ‘

‘They not only lost their beloved sister that day but they also lost their mother, as I am not and can never be the same person again. 

‘Truthfully, if I didn’t have my other children to care for I would not be here today as this pain is unbearable. 

‘She is not here and she never will be again. This nightmare is real and is never going to end.’ 

Emma added: ‘I cannot accept that this is real, I am in a permanent daze, trying to carry on with the mundane tasks of life in an attempt to provide my children with some normality. 

‘I will never see Xana get married, have children, and be successful in her chosen field of work. 

‘There will always be an empty place at our table, a hole in our hearts that cannot be filled, and there won’t be one day that we don’t mourn her. 

‘Each family celebration will be bitter sweet, knowing that she is not there to share the joy and be the life and soul of the party that she was.’ 

Eve’s other sister Sherridan Borg, 23, has paid tribute to Eve and Xana.  

She said: ‘Eve, My beautiful little sister I’ve cried laughed and fought with you every week, but I’ve never been without you.

Best friends Eve Smith, 21, Darcy Ross, 21, and Sophie Russon, 20, met Rafel Jeanne, 24, and Shane Loughlin, 32, at a social club in Newport. Their car was missing for 46 hours until it was found

Ms Smith was good friends with Darcy Ross and Sophie Russon (left and right)

Shane Loughlin, 32, and Rafel Jeanne-Actie, 24, met the women at a social club in Newport. Rafel died, Shane survived 

‘We always said, ‘I got you always’, but now I’m sat here feeling so empty because you’re not here with me anymore, and I can’t accept this.’

Eve had taken part in a Sky TV documentary after their other sister Xana Doyle was killed and the family campaigned for tougher sentences after the 2015 in a car crash.

Hairdresser Xana, 19, was killed instantly from head injuries in the crash when a friend stole a car to get to a party. She was a passenger when the car flipped

Sakhawat Ali, then 23, was high on cocaine and cannabis and twice the drink-drive limit. He was released after serving five years in jail.

Eve was 13 at the time of the tragedy while Sherridan was 15.

Sherridan said: ‘There is no sister like you, you always made me feel so important, sending me messages to remind me how much you love me and I’d tell you just how much I loved you more!

‘You saved me from so much Eve all the times I’ve been low it was you that I’d turn to, and now I’m feeling heavy because I couldn’t save you.

‘I loved seeing you grow into this beautiful young woman and you used to get so worried that we wouldn’t be close as you grew up, but I’d remind you that sisters don’t ever break a bond and ours well there isn’t, no bond like ours my girl you’ll always be my baby sister.

‘I know you’re safe up there with our beautiful sister Xana but I was never ready to let you go, my body is aching without you, please watch over me.

‘I love you forever and always’

Their step-father is Tony Borg, a former boxer who trained Welsh Olympic medal winning boxers and world champion Lee Selby.     

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