More municipal services needed for future expansion, jobs at Peterborough airport

It’s been a contentious issue for years — should the City of Peterborough annex the city-owned Peterborough Airport from Cavan Monaghan Township, which owns the land it stands on?

Speaking at a press event for future jobs at the airport on Friday, Peterborough-Kawartha MPP Dave Smith said he would like to see the topic broached again.

Both mayors of the communities in-question agree on the need for expansion of employment lands around the airport.

Peterborough mayor Diane Therrien and Cavan Monaghan mayor Scott McFadden met on Monday morning for an informal chat over coffee.

At that meeting, they discussed community centres as well as the airport lands.

Both say they’re open to talking about ways to better serve the region for jobs, regardless of who owns the airport.

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