More Than 100 Constituencies That Backed Brexit Now Want To Remain In The E.U., According To New Analysis

More than 100 Westminster constituencies that voted to leave the E.U. in the 2016 referendum have now switched their support to stay, shows an analysis by the Observer, reported by The Guardian.

While the Brexit parliamentary battle is set to take place later this year, these new results could have a significant effect on the outcome. The analysis shows that the majority of England, Scotland, and Wales seats now want to stay in the E.U.

The shift seems to be driven by doubts among Labour voters in the north of England and Wales, those who originally backed the U.K. leaving the E.U. The findings are predicted to put pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to reconsider Labour’s refusal to reconsider the second referendum on E.U. membership.

The figures were produced by Focaldata consumer analytics company, which compiled data from the results of two YouGov polls, totaling more than 15,000 people. The data was also combined with reports and census data from the Office for National Statistics.

Of the 632 seats in England, Scotland, and Wales polled in the study, it was found that 112 of those seats had changed from Leave to Remain. The data also suggests that there are now a total of 341 seats supporting Remain, up from 229. Overall, the findings put support for Leave at 47 percent and Remain at 53 percent.

Plans are currently being drawn up by Brexit opponents to try and force a new election or referendum. Additionally, there is the possibility that Parliament will vote again before the deal is closed.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable spoke on Saturday about how important it was for people to get another chance to vote.

“We have to work across party frontiers,” he said at a rally in Bristol, reports The Guardian.

Eloise Todd, the chief executive of Best for Britain, also voiced her opinion on the findings of the analysis.

“This groundbreaking research shows that Brexit is still not inevitable. People across the UK have witnessed the last two years of uncertainty with dismay and are thinking differently – 112 constituencies have switched to majorities that back staying in our current bespoke deal with the EU.”

“The sands of public opinion are shifting and politicians risk falling behind. Our research shows that the deal must be put to the people. Westminster should legislate for a people’s vote on the Brexit terms, giving the public the option to stay and build our future on our current deal with the EU.”

Of the constituencies found to have switched from Leave to Remain are former foreign secretary and face of the Leave campaign, Boris Johnson, and another Leave figurehead, Michael Gove’s Surrey Heath.

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