MP Dominic Raab's diary secretary who was caught selling sex on 'Sugar Daddy' website is sister of TV star

The civil servant, 20, is the sibling of a woman who stars in Channel 4 show First Dates – but has now been suspended from her job over the serious allegations.

Hit show First Dates regularly attracts millions of viewers and has had countless celebrity guests appear over the years.

Last night the woman went into hiding and her social media accounts came offline.

However, she can still be seen on her TV star sister’s accounts cuddling up to her sibling – who heaps praise on her in the captions, talking of her “love” for her.

Her sister has more than 70,000 followers and also regularly posts about her role in the TV show.

The civil servant, 20, right, is the sibling of a woman who stars in one of Channel Four’s biggest shows

The Mirror revealed this morning how the woman, an aide to Tory minister Dominic Raab, advertised on a "Sugar Daddy" website and charged £750 for “full undisputed access” to her services.

The woman, who we are not naming, even joked to an undercover Mirror reporter that she would romp on the housing chief's desk as part of her fee.

It has sparked fears that she could be blackmailed or exploited by Kremlin spooks – as the woman is bound by the Official Secrets Act.

The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) have launched an investigation amid concerns that the woman's actions could pose a security risk.

The Mirror reported that its journalist met "Lisa" at a five-star London hotel – and that she told them about her job as Mr Raab's diary secretary.

She said she knew the Housing Minister's “every move” and added that her job is to "run his life."

The woman claimed to earn up to £5,000 a month from rich clients – including an aide to the Arab royals.

She told the Mirror's undercover reporter: “You’ve got my undivided attention for a few hours on Saturday. I’ll let your imagination run wild as to what you wish to do with that.”

When probed what she was prepared to do for £750, she replied: “Whatever you would like to be on offer.

“You may have full undisputed access to me.

“I have success at this. I’m a very sensual person. I’m very open.”

In one message with the undercover reporter, she claimed that Mr Raab – who has been tipped as a future Prime Minister – is “very dismissive”.

She added: “He’s very tunnel vision. He’s difficult to work with. I think he thinks he’s the Prime Minister.”

In their meeting, the reporter joked about sneaking into Mr Raab’s office and what he would do on the desk.

She reportedly laughed and said: “So would I.”

Former royal protection chief Dai Davies said her activities should “cause grave concerns."

Mr Davies added: "If she is being so open with someone she has barely met, then she could be liable to blackmail.”

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said there was no suggestion secrets had been divulged.

It is understood the woman was suspended on Wednesday afternoon pending the outcome of the investigation.

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