Mums describe grief at watching kids die after taking ecstasy at festival

Two grieving mums have told of their heartbreak at watching their children die after taking ecstasy at a popular music festival.

Brook Hoar, 38, and Janine Milburn, 41, lost Tommy Cowan, 20, and Georgia Jones, 18, respectively in May.

The pair had taken pills at Mutiny Festival in in Cosham, Hants.

Now their devastated mums have described their harrowing last moments at Queen Alexandra Hospital in the port city.

Brook and Janine insist Tommy and Georgia must not have "died for nothing" and have vowed to help other young people and their parents.

Janine said: "I don’t want Georgia to have died for nothing. She was always the one who would go and help people.

"She would argue her way all the way there – even if she knew she was totally wrong.

"That’s what she would do, that’s not me but I’ve got her thinking now. For her – something has got to happen."

Georgia, a care assistant, fitted for 45 minutes before medics tried to resuscitate her.

Her mum added: "I went in the ambulance with her. Then they took her through into intensive care.

"I went into a family room. I’ve worked as an adult carer so I know what it’s like when people are in the way.

"I went in there thinking ‘you do what you’ve got to do’ – not thinking at all like anything like this would happen.

"We were there when they turned it all off."

Dad-of-one Tommy had also fallen unwell at King George V Playing Fields in Cosham minutes after Georgia.

Brook received a message from Tommy’s dad, which read "you need to get to QA [Queen Alexandra Hospital], Tommy’s in intensive care."

Brook said. "As we got there, Damian, Tommy’s father, was there. He was hitting a wall outside and his wife was stood there telling me it was bad.

"I was with him when he died – 10.47 – that’s all I remember, I just remember them saying 10.47."

"He wasn’t a user, this is what we can’t get our heads around."

Both inquests are scheduled for next week.

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