Murder suspect in 'Hazmat mystery' NYC killing posted strange artwork showing women being groped and smashed with hammer

A SUSPECT in a fatal stabbing and mystery hazmat crime in New York City posted artwork of women being groped and hit with a hammer. 

Jamie Walker, 30, was arrested on Thursday after police found his father stabbed to death and three relatives unconscious at an apartment in Queens, New York.

Police responded to a morning 911 call of an “emotionally disturbed person” and found Walker acting “very incoherently” and making “statements that he had injured somebody inside of the apartment,” said Assistant Chief Joseph Kenny of the NYPD’s Detective Bureau.

Law enforcement officials did not release many details about Walker following his arrest, but an Instagram account for “Jaimie Walker” contains artwork of women being grouped and smashed with a hammer. 

The account @jaimiewalker90 has a profile description that reads: “I'm a Future gamedev and I'm Learning how to draw so I can make my own concept art for future games.”

One drawing posted by @jaimiewalker90 in February 2015 depicts what appears to be a woman touching her stomach and covering an eye, as a man and another person touch parts of her body.

“Day 87 of my sketch a day challenge. Rigging the body,” the Instagram user wrote.

“When 3d modeling, rigging is when you start to put flesh on your model.”

In an August 2014 post, @jaimiewalker90 posted a drawing “by my gf” in which a person with a cape hit a woman in the head, with the caption, “Hammer Time!”

The account had dozens of other posts of drawings of women. 

On Thursday morning, police traced a trail of blood to the bathroom of the apartment on Hempstead Avenue and found Loandous Walker, 72, with several stab wounds in his torso. 

The suspect’s father was pronounced dead at the scene.

Loandous Walker’s wife, Valda Walker, 70, and their son, 31, and daughter, 29, were found unconscious on a mattress in the living room with no apparent signs of trauma, and transported to a local hospital in critical condition. 

Cops found scissors with blood in the hallway, but did not determine it was a weapon used in the murder, according to Kenny. 

Police also told The Sun that they discovered three bottles with liquid that did not appear to be water.

It appeared that some of the liquid in the bottles had been consumed, but the substance was not named. 

Jamie Walker was detained and taken to Queens General Hospital for a mental evaluation.

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