My messy neighbours leave their bins outside my home like a dumping ground – I've had enough | The Sun

A PENSIONER has slammed his neighbours after the mess outside his home led the area to become a "dumping ground".

Christopher Reilly, 80, claims bins are being left in the middle of the street by binmen while the neighbourhood becomes covered in fly-tipping.

The 80-year-old, from Nottingham, has lived in the cul-de-sac for 40 years, but said the rubbish problem is ruining the "brilliant" street.

"It's been going on for a couple of years and it has got worse. More houses have been sold and the people who buy them let them.

"It's a brilliant place but it's going downhill because of the dustbins," he told the Nottingham Post.

Christopher said that the stinking situation is getting out-of-control, and that he blames the council for not solving the problem.

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"What the problem is, is not with the students but with the council – they're not putting the bins back where they should be going.

"The arrangement is they collect the bins at the end of the drive and they're supposed to put them back there.

"But they don't so what happens is they're all in the middle of the road and then people think 'lets dump some rubbish here'.

"I had to lean out the window the other week and tell a bloke he couldn't put his rubbish there. It's being treated as a dumping ground."

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Christopher even claimed some locals had attempted to dump sofas next to the bins, and said the littering was ruining the "brilliant" street.

"The area has gone downhill," he said.

"It backs onto the canal and there's views but, on the front where the dustbins are, it is a mess."

A Nottingham City Council spokesperson said: “It is the responsibility of households to put their bins out at the right time for collection and return them to an appropriate place where they don’t cause an obstruction or other problems.

“We will look into what the issues are behind bins not being located appropriately in this location, but, in the meantime, we will send a team to tidy up the area and put the bins back.

"It’s possible some properties are vacant due to the academic year having ended, and we will ensure that we communicate with any students moving into the area for the new academic year about what is expected.”

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