Nazi fanatics give Hitler salutes in front of swastikas as they gather around the world for sick celebrations to mark Nazi leader's 129th birthday

Just hours earlier the the flag-waving mob had marched through a quiet American town in full paramilitary gear.

The demonstration follows a series of Nazi rallies around the world as Hitler-loving racists celebrated what what would have been the tyrant's 129th birthday on April 20.

400 armed cops stood guard in Newman, Georgia, as members of the American National Socialist Movement strutted down the main street amid huge anti-fascist protests.

And yesterday fascists in a remote East German town marked the date with a two-day Nazi rock music festival.

Extremists in tshirts emblazoned with 'Keepers of the race' and 'Adolf was the best' slogans brazenly swilled beer and flogged CDs as antifascist protestors raged behind huge police barriers.

After ten arrests the Georgia mob then drove 40 miles to a secluded field on the outskirts of Atlanta, where they torched giant wooden Swastikas in a chilling tribute to the KKK's cross-burning rituals.

One jackbooted marcher even called for immigrants to be rounded up and taken to Nazi-style prison camps.

He spat: "We need to round illegal immigrants up and put them in camps if need be. We are at war with the illegals."

A 31-year-old man was arrested in Ostritz, Germany after performing an illegal Nazi salute, while two in Newman were hauled off in cuffs for wearing masks.

The Atlanta branch of the Antifa organisation organised their own rally in Newman – soon outnumbering the 100 white nationalists.

And Ostritz locals organised a huge counter-protest that featured Arabic food stands to celebrate immigration.

The rallies come nearly a year after crazed Neo-nazi James Alex Fields killed a 32-year-old woman when he rammed his car into a group of anti-fascist protesters at a far-right rally in Charlottesville, Georgia.



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