Newport scaffolder falls through a hedge

Poleaxed! Tired scaffolder topples backwards through hedge as he struggles to keep hold of 21ft pole

  • Craig Whitehead, 31, said he had worked 18 days in a row so he could earn cash
  • He was carrying a 21ft scaffold pole which weighs 62lbs in Newport, Wales 
  • Mr Whitehead loses control of the long pole and falls backwards into a hedge

This is the moment a scaffolder falls backwards through a hedge while trying to keep a 21ft pole upright – to the amusement of his workmates.  

Craig Whitehead, 31, from Newport, Wales was struggling with the 62lb steel strut after working 18 days in a row. 

His workmates started filming the incident outside a house in Newport when they realised he was looking unsteady on his feet. 

Craig Whitehead carries a 21ft scaffold pole in front of a house in Newport, Wales

As Mr Whitehead struggles with the pole, his workmates Ross McCarthy and Aidan Rogers start humming popular circus song Entry of the Gladiators, and laugh at his efforts 

Mr Whitehead loses control of the pole and is pushed backwards through the hedge

Fortunately Mr Whitehead was not injured as a result of the incident 

Craig Whitehead, pictured, said he was tired after working 18 days in a row

Mr Whitehead had placed the pole against the front of the house, but was told to move it along the wall. 

However, when he got as far as the 6ft boundary box hedge, Mr Whitehead lost his balance and sprawled backwards, flattening part of the bush. 

The video shows the pole pinning Mr Whitehead down in the gap the hedge, before he gets back up. 

His workmates Ross McCarthy and Aidan Rogers can be heard laughing as they film him. 

They start humming popular circus song, Julius Fucik’s Entry of the Gladiators as they watch his efforts.

As Mr Whitehead stumbles towards a hedge while still carrying the pole, Mr McCarthy can be heard off camera asking ‘Where’s he going? What are you doing now?’

Mr Whitehead said: ‘I had been working for 18 days straight as I’m saving money for a car and flat – I live at home with my mother currently.

‘It was around 11 in the morning and we had done a couple of jobs prior.

‘I just couldn’t lift it anymore and I fell over a little wall and that was it – I was in the bush.

‘I’m lucky the bush was there to lower me down so I didn’t hurt myself.

‘It was flattened so I had to pick it up so no one saw.’ 

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