Obama compares ‘complaining’ Trump to Richie Rich from Macaulay Culkin movie in another scathing attack

BARACK Obama compared "complaining" Donald Trump to "Richie Rich" from the Macaulay Culkin movie in another stinging attack.

Promoting his new book "A Promised Land" on Monday, Obama compared Trump to the fictional character Richie, the world's richest boy and the son of a billionaire.

Trump's dad, real estate mogul Fred Trump, handed over the reigns of his business to his son in 1971, who renamed it The Trump Organization and bought property all over New York City and beyond.

Obama said Trump was "the complaining, lying, doesn’t-take-responsibility-for-anything type of figure" who was at odds with the typical John Wayne masculinity celebrated in the USA.

He told the The Atlantic: "Even if you are someone who is annoyed by wokeness and political correctness and wants men to be men again and is tired about everyone complaining about the patriarchy.

"I thought that the model wouldn’t be Richie Rich – the complaining, lying, doesn’t-take-responsibility-for-anything type of figure."

Obama said that Trump, 74, was "a symptom as much as an accelerant" of American populism and said Sarah Palin's 2008 rallies foreshadowed 2020 Trumpism.

He said: "But if we were going to have a right-wing populist in this country, I would have expected somebody a little more appealing.

"I guess I would not have expected someone who has complete disdain for ordinary people to be able to get attention and then the following from those very same people."

Obama argued that Trump was at odds with "classic male hero in American culture" like Wayne, Gary Cooper, or Clint Eastwood.

He continued: "There’s a notion that a man is true to his word, that he takes responsibility, that he doesn’t complain, that he isn’t a bully; in fact he defends the vulnerable against bullies."

Obama's book is due for release today, Tuesday November 17, and in it, the America's first black president discusses his experience over the course of 768 pages.

While promoting the touted tome, Obama recently compared Trump to a dictator for baselessly claiming the election was "rigged."

“It is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally," he said on 60 Minutes. "And that’s a dangerous path."

“There’s been this sense over the last several years that literally anything goes and is justified in order to get power," he added.

“And that’s not unique to the United States. There are strong men and dictators around the world who think that, ‘I can do anything to stay in power. I can kill people. I can throw them in jail. I can run phony election. I can suppress journalis.

“But that’s not who we’re supposed to be. And one of the signals I think that Joe Biden needs to send to the world is that, ‘No, those values that we preached, and we believed in, and subscribed in – we still believe.”

The publisher Crown is printing 3.4 million copies of Obama's book for the United States and Canada with another 2.5 million for readers abroad.

It will be available in 19 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Romanian and Chinese, and is still being translated into six other languages.

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