People sick at huge size of Death Row ‘Ninja Killer’s last meal before execution

A death row killer’s final meal has left people shocked and disgusted by its size.

Dubbed the “Ninja Killer”, Louis Bernard Gaskin scoffed an astonishingly-big meal in the moments leading to the lethal injection that would end his life.

In 1989, Gaskin, 56, killed Robert Sturmfels, 56, and Georgette Sturmfels, 55.

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He was convicted after shooting them both with a .22-caliber rifle in their Flagler County, Florida, home.

Dressed in an all-black ninja outfit, that night he also tried to kill Joseph and Mary Rector – he was convicted of their attempted murder too, as well as armed robbery and burglary.

He had his last meal at 9:45am on April 12 which, according to Department of Corrections spokesperson Kayla McLaughlin Smith, was a rather sizeable affair.

She said the massive meal included: BBQ pork ribs, pork and turkey neck, Buffalo wings, shrimp fried rice, french fries and water.

His lethal injection came that day at 6:15pm after 33 years on death row.

People were left unimpressed by his meal though.

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A Twitter user wrote: "Man eats better on death row than I do with no felonies."

Another added: "Should have gave him roadkill and motor oil”.

A third Twitter user chipped in: "They should've fed this scum a bowl of plain oatmeal and a bag of rice cakes!!"

A fourth grimly added: "I can never understand how prisoners awaiting execution could even want to eat a last meal. Let alone a feast."

Local media reported that Gaskin admitted to his crimes at the time – then, before his trial, he is understood to have told a psychologist that he knew what he was doing.

He said: "The guilt was always there.

"The devil had more of a hold than God did. I knew that I was wrong. I wasn't insane."

Gaskin has now been executed by the state over 30 years later, but his final meal has caused outrage among some people on the internet.


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