Peter Strzok is absolutely shameless

FBI agent Peter Strzok was full of indignant outrage Thursday as he testified before Congress, and all sides reacted accordingly.

Heck, The New York Times didn’t even wait for him to say Word One before posting a story headlined, “FBI Agent at Center of Russia Probe Turns Tables on GOP.”

But then, the Times knew Strzok planned to say that the mere fact of his being questioned is a “victory notch in Putin’s belt.”

This, from a guy who’s been slammed by the Justice Department inspector general for his highly unprofessional conduct while serving on the investigations of Hillary Clinton and the Trump campaign.

His worst breach of ethics was to conduct an affair with another member of the team. That relationship couldn’t help but compromise his judgment, and hers.

Add to that the bias evidenced by all the lovers’ Trump-bashing text messages — and by the fact that they couldn’t even resist sending them on a system that they had to know their superiors could access.

Strzok and his inamorata, Lisa Page, can insist forever that their bias didn’t impact either probe, but their lack of restraint is proof that they’d lost all objectivity.

And the fact that their colleagues either saw no sign of the romance, or didn’t care, speaks poorly of their professionalism, too.

Democrats took Strzok’s claims at face value, literally applauding him at one point. Republicans stuck to their partisan points, too.

But the basic facts speak for themselves: With his flagrant misconduct, Peter Strzok brought shame to the FBI and the entire Justice Department. He should be ashamed of himself, rather than playing the victim.

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