Pregnant landlord horrified after tenant leaves flat covered in cat poo, dirty nappies and used sanitary pads

A PREGNANT landlord was left horrified after a tenant left their flat covered in cat poo, dirty nappies and used sanitary pads.

The flat was trashed by a woman who lived in the property in Falkirk, Scotland with her two kids – leaving the landlords with a huge cleaning bill.

Landlords Stephen Maxwell and his pregnant girlfriend Asha Ramzan were unable to do regular inspections of their property because of the pandemic.

But when they visited the flat on Atholl Place after the renter moved out on July 3 – they were horrified at its condition.

They were confronted with cat poo all over the floor, dirty dishes, soiled underwear and half-eaten food everywhere.

The couple added that used sanitary products and soiled nappies were also left in the bathroom and bedroom.

Stephen, 31, told the Daily Record: "It's going to cost me a fortune to get this place sorted again.

"The gas people and joiners were forever phoning my partner Asha because of the mess of the house not allowing them to work.

"We had a couple of issues with inspections, as the tenant gave Asha permission to go into the flat via a text message.

"However upon entry, Asha was confronted with a horrible smell of cat poo all over the floor, with dishes all over the sink and clothes and half-eaten food everywhere."

After posting about the ordeal on social media, friends and strangers of the couple offered to clear the flat and help with the rubbish.

Asha added that the sordid flat was the "last thing" they needed as she is eight months pregnant.

She added: "I felt sorry for the tenant. I really don't know how anyone can live like that – or do that to someone."

The former tenant was contacted by the Record – but she did not wish to comment.

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