Record-breaking 9ft shark caught off UK coast by stunned father and son

A dad and son fishing duo have managed to catch one of the biggest-ever blue sharks in British waters.

Harry Pardoe, 30, had been fishing near Falmouth, in Cornwall, with his dad Mike, 60, when the monster beast snatched at the beat.

The plucky birthday boy fisherman wrestled with the 9ft-long shark for 90 minutes before he managed to heave it onto the deck of their charter boat.

When measuring the blue shark they managed to estimate that it was 9ft and weighed about 256lb (18st 4lb), smashing the previous record of 214lb, that had stood for 58 years.

The duo then released the shark as they are a "near-threatened" species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Blue sharks can grow as much as 13ft and are found across the globe and are known to enter British waters during the summer.

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Mike, from Birmingham, told The Times: "We weren’t specifically fishing for sharks. I didn’t even know there were sharks of that size in that area so it was amazing to get two huge ones on the same day.

"When it first bit, Harry said straight away it was a big one and it took about an hour and a half to get it on board.

"Once it was on the boat it was a case of measuring it with a tape measure, then trying to calculate the weight before putting it back."

Blue sharks are predators, but thankfully thy mainly chomp down on small fish and squid – although, they have been known to eat seagulls and smaller sharks.

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It comes after the numbers of great white sharks off the coast of South Africa fell sharply, with many becoming more concerned over how they died.

Several years ago, five of the underwater predators washed up with massive wounds on their sides. It was later found they had they livers ripped out.

It was suspected that two killer whales, known as Port and Starboard, had hunted down the sharks and ripped out their fatty livers.

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