Rioters left feces, urine in hallways and offices during mobbing of US Capitol

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They turned the US Capitol into a craphouse.

Some invading rioters defiled the hallowed seat of democracy with their dung in their ill-fated effort to overturn the election, a source close to incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told The Post.

 “Congressional staffers saw feces in the hallways,” the source said Friday.

The vile vandals apparently took dumps in bathrooms and then spread around their poop, a Schumer insider said.

“It came from the bathroom and they tracked it around,” the source said. “There was an intentional effort to degrade the Capitol building.”

Brooklyn Rep. Hakeem Jeffries also reported that some members of the mob urinated on the floors during the rampage.

“There was urine. There was clear desecration,” he told WNYC on Thursday.

Jeffries said Rep. Steny Hoyer had a poster-board memorial tribute to late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis on the wall in his office..

“That was missing. It was in an area where protesters had clearly penetrated,” Jeffries said.

Authorities are trying to get to the bottom of who stormed the Capitol and caused widespread damage, breaking windows and damaging property as they infiltrated offices and posed for selfies.

Pro-Trump Riot in Washington DCNY: Pro-Trump riot in Washington DC

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