From sandwiches and toiletries to tampons and fake babies these sneaky drinkers show all the places to hide alcohol

People have been revealing the methods they use to get to slurp their favourite booze when perhaps some jobsworth is saying no.

Obvious classics that have stood the test of time are the bottle in a book trick as well as the hollowed-out sarnie concealing a bottle.

But we take our hats off as well to some very cunning methods – who would think some innocuous looking sanitary products would actually be a secret stash?

And what could be better while out doing a few hours of exciting bird watching to help pass the time with a pair of binoculars that actually double as a secret hip flask?

And what about the child's newborn baby doll? Can also double up as a great place to stash booze.

Someone's having a ball

I see what they've done here

Best to be prepared at all times

This is shoe-r to work

A hair-brained scheme

Book 'em, Danno

Sunny side up

Liquid lunch

Baguette booze

Supping stack

Once you pop…


Beer burrito

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