Scandinavian chill to hit Britain with snow in sudden winter’s revenge

Britain is set to feel the chill early next week and possibly beyond, as icy weather pushes in from Scandanavia — defying the recent warm conditions that have heralded spring and then summer.

WXCharts maps show the change will not happen suddenly, with the rest of this week delivering mild temperatures, with highs of between 5C and 15C until Saturday (April 22).

Speaking to the Daily Express, Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said the mercury may continue to rise early this week, possibly into the 19C or 20C range.

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But beyond April 22, maps show chilly air enveloping the UK from the north, with WXCharts suggesting that temperatures may plunge back below zero into the next week over northern England and Scotland.

Lows of -10C over Scotland's northernmost secluded areas and below -5C in central and southern England could be possible, potentially leading to snow, particularly in Scotland and places such as Newcastle.

Snow could reach 5cm and 6cm over high ground, but much lower, between 1cm and 3cm, elsewhere.

The Met Office cautioned that any snow showers would be limited and primarily restricted to elevated areas.

Mr Madge said: "There's less certainty yet about how far south that incursion of cooler air will come. Whether it will spread across the whole UK at the moment isn't certain.

"What is an increasingly strong signal is for a feed of cold air to come into northern Britain which will clearly cool things down and present the risk of wintry showers on high elevations."

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The Met Office conceded that English coastal towns and cities overlooking the North Sea would need to brace for the cold Scandinavian air.

Mr Madge said: "We're conscious of the fact that we have an easterly feed coming into the eastern part of England because of the high pressure that's sat over Scandinavia that's forcing a cooler feed across quite a cool North Sea.

However, forecasters suggest that the temperature will rise again from Sunday (April 30), rising to the 5C to 10C range in southern England.


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