More sex-harassment hypocrisy from de Blasio

In line with his “do as I say, not as I do” mantra, Mayor de Blasio on Monday talked up a package of bills he said is aimed at “strengthening sexual-harassment protections” in both government and the private sector.

This, the week after he drew withering fire for City Hall’s refusal to share details on how it resolved some 1,425 harassment complaints filed against its employees from mid-2013 through the end of 2017 — other than to say that 221 were substantiated, including up to five against people in the Mayor’s Office.

Still unknown, for example, is how (or if) the workers were disciplined. As The Post’s Yoav Gonen and Ruth Brown reported, the mayor’s minions promise they’ll give some aggregate report on disciplinary action taken . . . eventually, someday, and not broken down by department.

Hmm: De Blasio himself suggested that the Department of Education, in particular, has a “hyper-complaint dynamic.” Doesn’t that argue for breaking out DOE complaints, and indeed those of all major agencies?

The mayor noted that some of the new bills (which he’s to sign into law next week) “require city government agencies to strengthen reporting and training.” Don’t bet on him to honor that retroactively.

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