‘Sexiest doctor alive’ blasted for partying with bikini-clad girls without mask despite warning of there ‘importance’

'HOT doctor' Mikhail Varshavski has landed himself in hot water – after flouting his own advice to party with bikini-clad women without wearing a mask. 

The YouTube star, known as Dr Mike, has previously stressed to his legions of followers the importance of wearing a mask to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Yet footage posted on social media from celebrations for his 31st birthday shows a different story, as he enjoyed himself on board a boat in Sunset Harbour.

Pictures show Varshavski surrounded by 14 other people – most of them women in bikinis– not abiding by social distancing and without wearing a mask, sparking outrage amongst his followers.

The 31-year-old, dubbed the ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ by People magazine in 2015, was also seen massaging one of the women’s necks in a video posted on Instagram. 

In this footage he is wearing a mask, although the woman was not.

Earlier this year he told Fox Business, “wearing a mask decreases the spread of this virus and that is of utmost importance for people’s health and the health of our economy.

“So please, if you’re going outside in public and going to be around other people, wear a mask.

“By wearing a mask, you are essentially limiting the spread to the community. So, if you see someone wearing a mask, you should really be thanking them.”

Followers of Dr Mike’s social media accounts, which total more than 10 million between Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, have slammed him for the hypocrisy. 

On his YouTube video ‘Doctor Fact-Checks Media on Coronavirus’ one user commented: “This aged well!”, while others took to Instagram to label him a “fraud”.

One Reddit commenter asked: “Do good looking people just have an immunity to it that we aren't aware of, or does he just think the rules don't apply to him?"

He shot to fame after a picture of him with his pet husky, Roxy, went viral in 2015 and has built his following by debunking medical myths, pointing out errors in popular medical shows, and answering health related questions. 

Despite posting new content to his YouTube channel, Varshavski has yet to comment on the controversy. 

One fan expressed their upset on Reddit, writing: “I feel totally lied to. His supporters gave him a platform to spread his Covid awareness, I feel like he can at least address this blatant hypocrisy to us.”

A representative told Inside Edition that Dr Mike "took off his mask only when getting in and out of the water" and all guidelines related to COVID-19 were followed during the boat party.

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