Shocked mum demands apology from pub after being told to 'control kids or leave'

Emma Aldridge was dining at the Ragley Boat Shop near Derby with partner Craig Preece and her two kids when her kids started singing nursery rhymes.

But the pub's owner said the kids, aged five and two, caused such a disturbance that staff had to apologise to other customers after they left.

Emma, 23, said that other guests at the pub showered her with abuse when her kids sat on the carpet singing.

But when she complained, she was told to control her kids or leave.

She told the Derby Telegraph: “I have never felt so sad and upset in any establishment ever.

“We were sitting on the carpet singing nursery rhymes to occupy them when another family turned round and said 'if you cant control your f*****g children, you should take them to Wacky Warehouse' or something.

“I couldn’t believe it so I complained to the management, but they told us to control our children or we would have to leave the pub.

“They stated they had checked their CCTV and said our kids had been running riot, which was rubbish.

“The whole episode has totally put my whole family off going out. We come here for special occasions. I certainly will not be going here again."

"Ms Alldridge was upset that we wouldn’t give her a refund, although she stated that there was nothing wrong with the food.

"In her second email to me she stated that her children did not leave their seats for 45 minutes. CCTV shows that this is not the case.

“She left of her own accord, unhappy that she didn’t have a refund.

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