Should Charles Bronson be released from prison? Take our poll and have your say

Britain's most violent prisoner Charles Bronson is making a bid for freedom after nearly half a century in jail – but do YOU think he should be released?

Bronson, 70, was banged up for seven years in 1974 after being convicted of armed robbery, and was eventually given a life sentence for kidnapping prison teacher Phil Danielson in 1999.

But after spending most of his adult life behind bars, he told his parole hearing this week he is now a 'born again artist' and 'almost an angel'.

The notorious Bronson – who changed his name to Charles Salvador in 2014 – has a prison career littered with rooftop protests, multiple hostage takings and violence against prison officers and other inmates, including attacking a fellow prisoner with a glass jug in 1975.

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Bronson's bid for freedom has become highly divisive, with some arguing the criminal has done his time, while others have voiced concern over his violent history.

After 48 years in prison, the Parole Board will officially decide whether he should remain behind bars.

If the risks of him being a danger to others are considered low enough, he could be let out on a life licence.

This means he would be recalled to prison if he breaks the terms of his parole.

The public parole board hearing started on Monday and will conclude on Wednesday at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Do YOU think Charles Bronson should be released? Take the poll above and expand on your decision in the comments below.

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