Sickening rant by supporter of burglar killed by OAP Richard Osborn-Brooks after £100k funeral

The 78-year-old killed Vincent when the crook tried to rob his home, but since then he has been too afraid to return to his home amid fears of a reprisal attack.

Because of security fears, 50 officers even patrolled outside the church as mourners hurled eggs and rocks during Vincent's funeral last week.

And now the pensioner is facing threats on social media, the Daily Star reports.

In a local Orpington Facebook group, one Vincent supporter wrote: “Richard (sic) a murder scumbag that deserves all he get.

“Richard the murdering scum bag who (is) scared to go home.

“Poor murdering Richard shouldn’t have took (sic) the law in he (sic) own hands and he wouldn’t be scared right now would he if he at let the police deal with it Henry would be in prison and Richard would be living in he’s (sic) own home peacefully.

“You knew what you was doing murderer you got your own karma to live in the same as us (sic).”

Cops have had to be stationed outside the Osborn-Brooks' home in the wake of the incident.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said it was "too early to say" what the bill would amount to for policing the "funeral of all funerals".

But the Daily Mail reports the total bill could be as much as £15,000.

Mourners hurled eggs and abuse at members of the press, with one photographer punched in the face.

One man was arrested and others were caught on camera throwing objects and holding a catapult.


A passer-by who was hit with an egg said: “I’m lucky I’m on the way back from a job interview and not to it.”

A witness, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals, said: “They were behaving like animals.

“A few of them seemed drunk and up for a ruck."

Some mourners stuck their fingers up and shouted "the king is dead" at Vincent's extravagant send-off.

The procession began at Vincent's mum's house in Swanley, Kent, and snaked its way to St Mary's Church four miles away in St Mary Cray, South East London.

Floral displays of a purple BMW, caravan, a red van and a boxing ring were among those sitting on top of the cars ferrying mourners to the funeral.

His dad Henry Vincent Snr, 59, held a picture of Vincent, 37, aloft and shouted: "The king is dead".

We revealed last month the villain's send off was expected to cost £100,000 as travellers planned to lay on the "funerals of all funerals".

“It wasn’t just journalists, they were having a go at normal people who happened to be passing by too.

“It’s not exactly a respectful way to see off their loved one, is it?”

Screwdriver-wielding Vincent died after being stabbed as he broke into Osborn-Brooks' home in Hither Green, South East London, on April 3.

Led by two funeral directors with top hats, a silver Mercedes hearse carried Vincent's coffin with "daddy" spelt out in red flowers.

A huge line of cars then followed behind the limos as the cortege headed from Vincent's mum Rosemary's house in Swanley on to the A20.

Tempers flared as mourners began to arrive at St Mary's Church in St Mary Cray, near Orpington.

Cops were forced to intervene after a gang of youths began hurling eggs and rocks at photographers, TV camera crews and passers-by.

LBC reporter Mike Hughes told the radio station: "Chaos has descended here.

"In my 10 years as a journalist, I have never felt so under threat.

"I've had bottles thrown in my face. I am covered in egg, which was pelted at me."

Up to 2,000 family and friends of the notorious Vincent family congregated for the funeral for the stabbed burglar.

Around 100 mourners packed into the church to sing a selection of his favourite songs during the 30-minute service.

They included Celine Dion’s classic "I’m your angel", R Kelly’s "if I could turn back the hands of time" and "dreams" by The Corrs.

A turf-war broke out between mourners and furious residents after Vincent's family laid tributes to the career criminal outside Richard's home.

Meanwhile Vincent's fraudster dad is reportedly living on a £1.7million farm.

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