Single mum's brutal open letter to dad who won't pay Child Maintenance

The anonymous woman claims her former partner is not declaring his full income to the Child Maintenance Service — and gives him both barrels in a lengthy Facebook post.

In one withering passage, she writes: "Let me spell this out for you – any money you pay to help with the raising of our children goes directly to our children.

"I’ve got two jobs to fund my own lifestyle and pay for our children. It’s a simple concept you don’t seem to be able to grasp.

"So you’re barking up the wrong tree when you bitterly tell me I should maybe “go out less” when I challenge you over your child maintenance payments."

The woman claims that her ex "stalks" her social media accounts for photos of her having fun to try to prove she is squandering his cash on herself.

An open letter to the father who won’t pay child maintenance…..

Any child maintenance payments made by you to me do not…

But in the letter, uploaded to Single Mum Still Standing group on Facebook, she replied: "So when you stalk my Instagram and Facebook and see me making the most of my child-free weekends with friends – rest assured I am funding this.

"In the words of Destiny’s Child, ‘The shoes on my feet, I bought em – I depend on me, if I want it."

She goes on to list how her ex's payments are spent — including the mortgage so she can "keep a roof over our children's heads" and clothes, swimming lessons and birthdays."

The women then alleges her former partner is shirking out of payments — despite living in a five-bedroom house.

She writes: "I know that not paying, not paying on time, or not paying the correct amount is the very last bit of control you have over me.

"You must feel so powerful when you hold it back for five days, because you can and there’s nothing I can do about it. What a man you are."

Opening up to single mums across the country, the woman writes: "I speak on behalf of all single parents when I say this simply isn't good enough, the current UK system isn't good enough.

"MPs need to wake up and do more to give the CMS better powers to financially investigate non-resident parents.

"It's a problem which affects thousands of single parent families, one many feel they can't do anything about, but one I'm not prepared to let go. I am fighting this for our children, not for me."

And in a devastating conclusion, she ends her letter writing: "I don’t expect you to do the right thing. You are a rubbish father. Luckily, they have me."

Shared nearly 5,000 times on Facebook, single parents across the UK have been raving about the note — which was illustrated with a photo of a receipt for children's shoes.

Linda Peter Welsby wrote: "Well said about time so one spoke the truth thank you."

And Cathy Ferguson added: "sounds familiar..couldnt have put it better!!".

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