Staff outraged by ‘adult star’ email demanding sex act in exchange for wages

A shocking email sent out to remind workers to hand in their timesheets has spread like wildfire across the internet after it was shared by an outraged Reddit user.

The email, sent to a company’s entire complement of staff, carried the slogan “if you want me to pay, you know what you have to do”.

Which would be fair enough, but along with the words came a picture of Ohio-born porn star Elsa Jean, apparently treating a gentleman to a fellatio session.

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Outraged commenters could barely believe that someone had really sent the email.

Several of them insisted that the screen grab had to be a fake, but Reddit user Nitro Mike, who had posted the image, assured them it was entirely genuine, saying “I wish I was lying to you”.

Other Reddit users asked if the person who had sent the mail had got in trouble, if they hadn’t been summarily sacked and escorted off the premises altogether.

“Sending an image that is obviously taken from pornography?” Write one. “Pretty inappropriate for any workplace”.

But Nitro Mike had to disappoint them: “Unfortunately nothing crazy happened that I know of. The person sent an apology email and played clueless and the rest of us carried on with our day,” he wrote. “Just your usual Friday AM shenanigans”.

Some commenters suggested that there was a potential court case in the offing. “Sexual harassment, sue the pants off the company,” one wrote. “Its a cut-and-dried case.

“No one, especially HR or Payroll, should be putting sexually suggestive pictures in a company email.

There was a lot of speculation that the person who had sent the email didn’t quite understand what they had done.

“Not 100% sure they know it’s a porn meme,” one said. “You’d have to be insane to send that at work knowingly.

“As someone else mentioned it could be an older lady who doesn’t understand the context of the picture and just thinks it’s a photo of a woman staring you down that’s cut off a bit”.

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