Suspect Surrenders To Hostages, One Woman Dead As Trader Joe’s Standoff Concludes [Breaking]

CNN reports that the man who took hostages and barricaded himself inside a Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake is now in custody. The LAPD Twitter account posted this update Saturday evening.

According to NBC, the suspect asked for handcuffs, then walked out of the store and surrendered.

The Eastsider tweeted reports that one woman was shot and killed inside the store.

According to Deadline, Eric Garcetti announced the death, and said that the woman was pulled out of the store and pronounced dead on the scene by authorities. No other details were released as the Mayor announced they would first try to reach the woman’s next of kin.

According to various reports coming in from Twitter, the gunman was injured. Several remaining hostages, all shoppers, reportedly talked him down and convinced him to give up his weapon.

According to WBIR10, Officers used mirrors to try to look inside the Trader Joe’s as hostages periodically came out the front door with the hands raised. Finally, the suspect exited the store with what appeared to be his hands already cuffed.

Four hostages clustered around the suspect in what some are saying was a move designed to protect the wounded man. Police surrounded the group, separated the suspect, searched him, and put him in a waiting ambulance. He appeared to have blood on his left arm.

The suspect has not yet been identified. Neither has the woman who was killed, or the injured woman who was retrieved from the vehicle the suspect crashed when he fled police after shooting two people and stealing a car earlier today.

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