Sword-wielding vigilante ‘superhero’ is ‘getting close to finding serial killer’

A sword-wielding vigilante says he's "getting close" to catching a serial killer after three people were stabbed to death in a US city.

The self-styled ShadowVision said he has been patrolling Little Rock in Arkansas after a woman was knifed 15 times – and that he knows the criminal's name.

Debra Walker, 43, survived the attack but three others have been killed in the city since August 2020, oxygen.com reports.

He told the site that he feels he is “getting close” to catching the serial killer and knows his name.

“I am coming for you,” he said when asked if he’d like to deliver a message to the killer. “I also want a one-on-one fight with you.”

The vigilante, who claims to be a superhero, wrote on his Facebook page: "I know that the serial stabber is keeping an eye on my page here.

"So this is a threat to you: when I find you, I will show you what I do to serial killers. I am hunting you right now."

His all-black outfit is typically a steel helmet, bulletproof chest, backplates, shoulder pads, fanged arm cuffs, handcuffs, two steel sais strapped to his thighs, and two katanas.

He’s been attracting more attention recently after a popular Tik Tok video was posted about him last week.

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His Facebook bio says: "I am ShadowVision a real-life superhero.

“I protect the innocent at whatever cost. I would sacrifice my own life to safe [sic] an innocent life.”

He also claims to have “exterminated” two other serial killers years ago, according to the Arkansas Times.

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On Friday, he said that one of the killers was in North Carolina while the other was in Arkansas, “back in the 1990s.”

“And I also love hunting high-ranking gang members,” he said.

ShadowVision told Oxygen.com: “The reason I showed up in Little Rock, Ark years ago is because the city needed help.

“The other reason that I have also revealed myself to Arkansas and the world 11 months ago is that I got tired of turning on the TV and all I hear is people losing hope. So I wanted to show them that they got someone fighting for them out here. Give the people hope again.”

When asked on his Facebook page, he said it takes him about twenty minutes to get all suited up.

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