Taliban brutally lash nine men in disgusting public sports stadium spectacular

Nine men were publicly lashed in an Afghanistan sports stadium at the orders of the nation's new rulers, a Taliban official said.

Haji Zaid, a spokesman for the governor's office in southern Kandahar province, revealed each man received between 35 and 39 lashings as a punishment for crimes they had been accused of, the details of which have not been disclosed.

The incident took place in Afghanistan's capital of Kandahar in front of Taliban officials, religious clerics, elders, and local people, the Mirror reported.

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This is the latest in a series of displays of the drastic changes to daily life that have gripped Afghanistan since the Taliban resumed control.

A similar incident at the end of November saw fourteen more people publicly lashed in another football stadium in eastern Afghanistan.

Afghan citizens were invited by the Taliban to witness the violent punishment for the first time since the 1990s.

In December, the Taliban also carried out its first public execution since its return to power in 2021 in the western Farah province where hundreds of spectators gathered to watch the capital punishment.

Top Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, who released the news on Twitter, said several top Taliban officials were also in attendance.

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The Taliban last had control of the country in the late 1990s, when public executions, stonings and lashings were regular occurrences.

The regime is known for its totalitarian interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, which has been particularly oppressive to women.

One of two female politicians who remained in Afghanistan after the Taliban resumed power was murdered at her home on Sunday (January 15), Afghan police stated.

Mursal Nabizada, 32, who had been an MP in the former US-backed government from 2018 until August 2021, when the group resumed power, was shot dead on the first floor of her Kabul home alongside her bodyguard after she refused to leave Afghanistan, even in the face of vile death threats.

In a voice note that became famous on social media, Nabizada said: "This country is not a restaurant that I dislike its service and leave it – it’s my land and I will stay beside my people," she had said in a voice note which was circulated on social media.

Nabizada's brother and another bodyguard were also wounded in the attack.

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