Teacher stuns parents with F-bomb in ‘unacceptable’ video posted online

A teacher swore in a lockdown video which their school has said was posted online by mistake.

The shocking footage showed staff from Arden Primary School in Sparkhill, Birmingham laughing and joking, with a woman looking into the camera and saying: "You f*****s get on."

After being uploaded to DB Primary, used by schools for setting work for children at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the video was quickly shared on social media.

One horrified viewer commented on TikTok saying: "Swearing at parents? Is that the behaviour we expect from teachers? Now we know what they really think of us."

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School headteacher Gurjit Shergill appeared equally furious in a letter sent home to parents, revealing he had launched an internal probe and pledged: "This will not happen again."

The staff involved were practising how to record online lessons, the school said.

The footage shared on social media showed a woman in conversation with colleagues before she swore.

Another woman can be heard laughing and saying: "I’ll say that and there'll be an email tomorrow morning saying (inaudible)they are threatening the families and now we’re swearing at them and abusing them."

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Mr Shergill said: “The wording in this video is completely unacceptable and not a reflection of our school, staff and our ethos.

"I take this matter very seriously and I am working with our Chair of Governors in carrying out a full internal investigation.

"I can say, at this point, that this will not happen again and I am extremely disappointed that this has happened.

"Staff are working hard to provide remote learning and this week are working on producing pre-recorded lessons for our children.

"While practicing and teaching each other how to do this, a video of some staff was accidentally uploaded for a very short period of time.

"The teachers involved have already apologised to those few parents who had viewed it directly, before it was taken down.

"I am sincerely sorry for any distress this may have caused and be assured that the staff involved are extremely remorseful, embarrassed and upset over what has happened.”

Prime Minster Boris Johnson ordered schools to close and teachers to move towards online home learning as part of a third lockdown as the country grapples with soaring coronavirus rates and deaths.

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