Teachers to be given one year's leave to write or try other work in new £5million scheme

Education Secretary Damian Hinds will roll out the sabbatical placements after pressure from teaching unions.

They claim time off from the “chalk face” to do research or other jobs will make teachers feel valued and stop them quitting the industry.

Mr Hinds will announce his plan today at the National Association of Head Teachers' annual conference in Liverpool.

Former teacher Kevin Baskill claims taxpayer-funded sabbaticals would “help change the culture and value the profession”.

He suggested that cash currently used for teacher training and supply budgets could be pumped into a sabbatical system.

And he said all school staff, including headteachers, should be given the chance to take time out at different stages of their career to help them stay motivated.

Mr Hinds will say today that the pilot “will allow more established teachers to do something else for a year”.

But the Department for Education insisted it would have to be relevant to their field.

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