Teen shames ‘brainwashed’ mom who got punched in face at Capitol riot

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A Massachusetts teenager who publicly shamed her mother for attending the Capitol riot said her mom was “brainwashed” by the MAGA movement and lied to her — telling her daughter she was going to visit an out-of-town doctor.

Helena Duke, 18, went viral Thursday after she tweeted a video of a woman being punched in the face during the violent Pro-Trump protests in Washington DC Tuesday, with the caption: “hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to BLM protests bc they could get violent…this you?”

In the clip, a white woman tries to grab a phone off a black woman — who appears to be wearing a police uniform — before being struck right between the eyes.

Duke then followed up the tweet with another post comparing a picture of the bloody-faced woman in the video to a picture of her mom, saying “for those that don’t believe it’s my mother…”

The teen, whose initial tweet has since been retweeted more than 66,000 times, told The Post that she only learned her mom was participating in the violent uprising after seeing footage online.

She said her mother — who has been identified by Newsweek as Therese Duke — had told her that she would be out of town for three days to take her aunt to get a medical procedure done.

“She didn’t give me any more information about it, she was very vague… When I found out about the Capitol being stormed, I looked at her location sharing and it had been off for two days, so I assumed in that moment, I was like ‘oh my gosh she might actually be there,’” Duke told The Post.

“And then the next day my cousin shared a video of her getting punched in the face… by police after harassing them.”


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