Terrifying moment 'Black Lives Matter' protester points a GUN at reporter during Kenosha riot

A "BLACK Lives Matter protester" pointed a gun at a reporter during the Kenosha riots this week.

The Blaze journalist Elijah Schaffer filmed one demonstrator who then pulled out his firearm and put it in Schaffer's face in Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, Schaffer shared his experience on Twitter as people took to the streets to decry the police shooting of Jacob Blake for the past three days.

“While interviewing this #BLM rioter in Kinosha [sic] he pulls out a real pistol and points it at my camera while explaining what we would do to cops if they rolled up on us right now,” Schaffer wrote on Monday.

“It’s been a while since I had a gun pointed at me even if it was just to make a point.”

The unidentified man then pulls the trigger of the unloaded gun as a person comments "Whoa, that’s right man."

The same person threatened cops in another video shared by Schaffer on Twitter, who then tried to interview him afterwards.

This is when the man points a gun in his face.

“This man had a firearm, there were multiple firearms amongst the protestors and rioters,” Schaffer told Fox News.

“It was a very unruly situation that could have gone south, thank God it didn’t.

“He actually took his gun out and pointed it at me. He accidentally dry-fired the gun, so I’m crediting God. God prevented that from being anything bigger."

Schaffer noted that he didn't think the man was actually trying to kill him but he may have been "one of the stupidest people in the world."

"He probably has no legal right to be carrying a gun, he doesn’t even know how to use a gun," the reporter said.

"He probably dry-fired it because he’s dumb and doesn’t know how to use a firearm and doesn’t realize you can’t point it at people.”

Schaffer noted that the gun was "100 percent real" even though the man was acting careless with it.

The journalist has been sharing the events as they unfold and tweeted Black Lives Matter "protesters [are] destroying cars with metal bats, hammers, and boulders."

The news comes after Blake, 29, was shot at least seven times by his SUV while his three kids were inside.

He's been left paralyzed after a Kenosha cop opened fire, shooting him in the back at close range and leaving him paralyzed.

Violence has exploded on the streets as a 17-year-old Illinois teen Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot two people dead, while a cop was knocked out as protesters hurled bricks at police.

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