Three thugs attack pensioner at home – only for alarm clock to save her

An 81-year-old French pensioner was told to give up the code to her safe or risk “being shot in the head” after three thieves wearing balaclavas broke into her home armed with an axe, a hammer and a gun – only for an alarm clock to save the woman. The elderly woman was left in a panic when the trio jumped out of the window leading into her living room just before 6am on Wednesday as she was opening her shutters. The three assailants proceeded to accost the pensioner and threaten to kill her, before scratching her face as they tried to put their hand over her mouth to stop her screaming. 

The elderly French woman, who lives in Bebing, Lorraine, in northeastern France, was performing her morning ritual of opening all the shutters in her house when she was startled by the three criminals. 

They had arrived earlier that morning to rob her safe of its contents and had failed to realise the pensioner had arisen from bed. 

As she opened the shutters in the living room to illumine the space with the morning’s light, the three startled robbers lunged at her. 

They then ordered her to sit on the sofa and demanded she give up the code to her safe. 

“One of them put his hand over my mouth and told me to sit on the sofa,” said the pensioner. 

“They asked for the code of the safe. I said I didn’t know! They pointed a gun at me and threatened me. They said: ‘If you don’t give us the code, we’ll shoot you in the head!’”

Without the code, the three robbers then attempted to break the safe with an axe and hammer. 

After several minutes of fruitless work, the pensioners alarm clock went off at 6.05am, frightening the trio. 

Unsure of what the noise was, the three criminals raced back towards the window through which they had entered and fled the scene empty-handed. 

The ordeal lasted less than half an hour but left the pensioner in a state of fright. 

She quickly called her daughter and her neighbours, who alerted the local police about the incident. 

Authorities from the local town of Sarrebourg, three miles east of Bebing, swiftly travelled to the pensioner’s home. 

Criminal identification technicians arrived shortly after and an investigation into the attempted robbery was opened. 

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