Thug ‘stamps on baby’ after kicking dad in face in front of terrified mum

A vicious thug appeared to stamp on a baby boy while ambushing his dad.

Horrifying CCTV footage shows the parents walking with a carry-cot containing the tot when a man emerges from the side and walks straight to the dad before unleashing a savage kick in his face.

The father, who was carrying the infant, is then grabbed in a headlock and eventually forced to drop the cot as he tries to shield the boy from the attack.

As the baby falls to the ground, the attacker appears to get his feet tangled, which appears to lead to him kicking and stamp on the child.

While the baby’s frantic mother scoops up her child from the ground, the attacker continues to pummel her partner with his fists.

But the dad eventually manages to fight back when the thug loses his footing and falls backwards to the ground.

The grainy footage shows the sickening assault was carried out yards from a crowd of people including young children in Kemerovo, Russia.

Police said the baby was rushed to hospital and is now recovering from injuries sustained in the attack and that a 23-year-old man had been arrested.

Investigators say the attacker had been lying in wait for his victims to apparently settle a score between the two men engaged in a feud.

A police spokesman told local media: "Officers established that two men were engaged in some sort of a conflict.

"The 23-year-old suspect hit his opponent a few times.

"During this, the father dropped the cradle bag with his baby inside. The baby boy is hospitalised."

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