Thugs sprayed man in his 20s in the face before stealing his iPhone X

Thugs sprayed man in his 20s in the face with noxious substance after he met them to sell an iPhone X he had advertised on Gumtree

  • The victim from Tower Hamlets, east London was selling his phone on Gumtree
  • Two men visited the victim’s flat when they sprayed him with a noxious liquid
  • Paramedics said the victim had been sprayed with an alkaline substance 
  • The man, who is in is 20s, suffered a damaged cornea following the incident  

Police are searching for two thugs who sprayed a man in the face with a noxious substance when he met up with them to sell them an iPhone X mobile phone.

The victim, who is in his 20s, advertised his phone on Gumtree and arranged to meet the pair on Burdett Road in Tower Hamlets. 

The men arrived at the victim’s flat and sprayed him with the substance before running off with the phone.   

The thugs attacked the man on Burdett Road in Tower Hamlets, file photograph 

The victim was looking to sell his iPhone X handset when he was attacked by two men 

The victim told the Evening Standard: ‘It all happened so quickly. It was a real shock. I went downstairs and opened my flat’s lobby door to let this guy in…he said he wanted to check the phone out before he bought it.

‘Suddenly he knocked it out of my hands and his mate threw liquid in my face. One of them shouted: “It’s acid.”

‘They were gone before I knew it.’

According to the victim, paramedics told him the substance was an alkaline was less corrosive than much of the acid used in attacks across the capital.  

The victim suffered some damage to his cornea but jumped into his shower immediately to wash the substance away from his skin. 

Detectives in Tower Hamlets are investigating the case.

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