‘Traveller fighting talk’ subtitled by YouTuber makes it more incomprehensible

This is the hilarious moment a YouTube prankster was forced to get creative when he tried to add subtitles to a video of an angry outburst by a somewhat furious looking group of men.

The clip shows a group of about 12 people lined up in front of a wall with their hands in their pockets, caps on their heads and hoods up – apparently trying to look intimidating.

Through their fury, it’s hard to decipher what they are shouting about – so one social media user decided to take matters into his own hands.

"Titled ‘Traveller Gang Threats (Subtitled) – Kebab Balls,’ the nonsensical captions begin with "Car keys Mike and John-Paul" as one man steps forward and begins his apparent threats.

The subtitles show the man accusing ‘Mike’ and ‘John-Paul’ of ‘calling him the alphabet’ – whatever that means.

"Well chew John-Paul. You go hump a lion, you have. You’re a squeaky kite. And Kathleen’s bike. I’ll fight the two of you.

"I’ll fight Kathleen’s bike first."

Another man then takes over apparently – according to the transcription- shouting "Kebab kebab kebab, kebab balls".

"I’ve been streaking for three months," the subtitles read.

The caption to the whole video is: "Indecipherable threats to John-Paul and Kathleen’s bike or something.

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It has been a big hit with more than 255,000 views so far, and people commenting on how hilarious it is.

"You couldn’t make this stuff up," one said.

Another say they "burst out laughing" watching the clip.

"Thanks for subtitles otherwise I would not have understood anything," one said.

Another replied: "This is hilarious and the subtitles are brilliant, that being said being from Cork I think I got most of it, not all… obviously."

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