UK weather forecast: Britain braced for major summer boost as sun set to brighten country

The Met Office predicts the majority of the rain clouds that have plagued the UK this week will temporarily move on to let the sun roll in as the day progresses. The Met Offices’s Luke Miall said: “You’ll be pleased to hear there’s a bit more sunshine for a brighter start for many of us.” Mr Niall claims a ridge of high pressure building that built up overnight will leave Thursday “feeling a little bit more like summer”.

The sunshine will bring a rise in temperature with the south east of England reaching 23c/23f by Thursday afternoon.

Mr Miall said: “We’ll see the best of the sunshine throughout the morning.

“Notably it’s not as cold as it has been over the last few mornings as we run through the day.”

Mr Miall predicted there will still be a few showers towards the north of the UK with some “on the heavy side”.

While skies will be clear Friday morning the sunshine won’t last long as a bout of low pressure will sweep across the UK on Friday bringing with it more wet and windy weather.

Mr Niall added: “The winds will be strong and we’ll see some further spells of rain.”

“Much more unsettled towards the end of the night ad some quite heavy rain pushing in.”

He added: “If you’ve got travel plans do take care and stay abreast of the forecast.”

This comes following news of a potential heatwave barreling towards the UK.

The scorching hot weather towards the end of the month comes from a typhoon that is currently sitting over Asia pushing a high pressure system towards the UK.

This will add to the contrasted weather the UK has seen this month after being battered by a series of low-pressure weather systems which have brought heavy rain and thunderstorms to the country.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast also suggests settled conditions could return to the UK towards the end of the month and at the start of September.

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