Ukraine LIVE: Boris ‘very seriously’ considering nuclear weapons to protect against Russia

Ukraine: Russian troops forced out of key areas in Donbas

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Mr Johnson became the first western leader to pledge military support to Nordic nations Sweden and Finland, saying he would “very seriously” consider deploying nuclear weapons too.
Mr Johnson said that the arrangement would “fortify Europe’s defences for generations to come.” Since President Putin’s waged a bloody war in Ukraine, Britain has stepped up its military operations in northern Europe. There are now 1650 troops stationed in Estonia, who are “100 percent” prepared to fight Putin’s army. Mr Johnson said: “Just imagine the consequences, not just military or political, but economic, of further Russian aggression against any of the parts of the former Soviet Union. It is to prevent that further catastrophe that it’s so important we are together strong now.” This comes as it is alleged that the Russian military is counting killed soldiers in Ukraine as “missing” to hide the true number of Kremlin losses.


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