Ukraine’s army destroy Russia’s ammunition stock with HIMARS – VIDEO

Ukrainian strikes hit Russian ammunition staging point in Kharkiv

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Drone footage of Ukraine’s military forces striking Russian ammunition stocks has been circulating on social media. Ukraine’s military forces have been using NATO-gifted weapons in order to push back on Russian advances on their land. The footage shows Ukraine’s army using top-of-the-range HIMARS systems in order to obliterate Russia’s valuable ammunition storage. The war in Ukraine has been raging for seven months and Western countries have vowed to keep supporting Ukraine despite Russian dictator Putin’s nuclear threats.

The video footage shows Russian ammunition stocks hidden in thick bushes, trees and shrubbery in Kharkiv Oblast.

The drone captures the moment Ukrainian forces strike with precision on Russia’s ammunition stocks.

Russia’s ammunition blows up in a thick ball of grey smoke.

And due to the intensity of the blast, the ammunition stocks begin to explode, causing further fallout.

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Users on social media have been reacting to the dramatic video clip.

@JamiePeters wrote: “That precision of strikes never gets old. Never misses.”

@OmertTim wrote: “for any country looking to ever get into a shooting match with the US military these are NOT our most advanced MLRS and these are being fielded by people who are not experts on this system with a limited supply we have 15 times this amount of more advanced and accurate systems.”

@NitsOldWhiteGuy wrote: “but I ove how quickly the Ukrainians got good with HIMARS and other weaponry. Crafty dudes in the UA.”

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@Qadir_t wrote: “I hope they will be able to upgrade the drone so the camera has image stabilization or something—I imagine it must be extremely taxing for the operator to work with such a jerky stream for a prolonged time.”

@FordTaurus2005 wrote: “Meanwhile, Russian precision strikes always magically strike civilian centres.”

@Agripedia wrote: “10/10 HIMARS shot. Bravo 1/10 Camera work. I’m going to go vomit from motion sickness for a moment.”

@HaroldLSmith wrote: “One of my new loves – secondary explosions.”

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“The HIMARS have certainly proved their potential as a potent force multiplier for Ukraine’s existing artillery, along with the other recently received western kit – towed and self-propelled howitzers.”

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