Ukrainians find Russian soldier’s gruesome dismembered ear hanging from tree

A grim discovery has been made by Ukrainian soldiers, who found the dismembered ear of a Russian soldier hanging from a tree.

As the battle between Russia and Ukraine on the latter's soil intensifies, more and more shocking findings are being made public.

And the latest one requires a pretty strong stomach to look at, as footage shows an actual human ear hanging from a tree branch.

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The 30-second video appears to have been filmed in some kind of thick wooded area near a Ukranian trench.

It shows one soldier sitting on the edge of the trench smoking a cigarette while another is talking to him.

The clip was shared on the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram channel, which has become a giant repository of gruesome footage of the war, particularly dead Russian servicemen.

However, it actually originates from the equally grim group – with UK standing for Ukraine, not the United Kingdom.

The video was captioned: “Someone lost an ear.”

Comments on the video range from “Glory to Ukraine” to “Healthy Ukrainian humour”.

And another said: “The Russians are no longer even advancing, but only retreating, pissed b*****ds.”

The location of the video has not been made public, nor have details as to how the ear ended up hanging from a tree like a Christmas decoration.

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Previously another gory video emerged on the same channel, showing a group of pigs gorging on what was allegedly a dead Russian Army captain.

Titled "Pigs eat the Russian captain", the 14-second long clip showed six of the pigs crowding round the corpse.

The person filming then slowly walked around the the animals while commentating on it and can be heard in Ukrainian identifying the body as a captain.

Among the other disturbing posts on Cargo 200 are several pictures of Russian soldiers blown to pieces and others of decaying skeletons in the snow.


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