Ultra-realistic sex dolls are 'redefining human existence in ways we cannot control'

THE X-RATED underbelly of robotics has been advancing dramatically, and threatens to replace human relationships with lewd AI liaisons, according to an author who investigated the industry.

Jenny Kleeman, author of Sex Robots and Vegan Meat, visited the factory for Abyss Creations in San Diego, where increasingly lifelike sex robots are being created.

Kleeman believes they may fundamentally redefine human interaction.

“Without us realising it, human existence is being redefined in ways no one can determine or control,” Kleeman said in an interview with Daily Star.

The risqué robots can already engage in conversations with humans.

Kleeman sees the main appeal of such machines as the one sided nature of human-robot relationships – if they can even be described as that.

As Kleeman explains, actual relationships pose a number of inherent drawbacks: in-laws, bad movies, annoying friends, and most of all, compromise. 

With machines, “you become used to having relationships with something that doesn't have free will,” she said, explaining that “…going out and having relationships with human beings and using empathy is going to be harder work.”

Currently, plans are underway to outfit the smutty androids with visual sensors that let them recognize people. 

Abyss Creations is behind RealDoll, one of the biggest names in the field of sex-robotics. RealDoll revealed some of its creations in January at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. 

Of particular note was Harmony, one of RealDoll’s most advanced models. Equipped with a Scottish accent and self-lubricating privates, the machine has already shipped to hundreds of lustful buyers.

“[Some might] spend a lot more time with a robot than they would with real human beings because it's more hard work to be with a human being that you have to compromise and empathise with,” Kleeman said.

Kleeman’s book discusses other man-made substitutes for once-ubiquitous and natural practices, and their impacts of human existence.

“If we can have babies without having to bear children, eat meat without killing animals, have the ideal sexual relationship without compromise, have a perfect death without suffering, how else will human nature be changed forever?” she mused.

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