Undertaker shares photo from inside crematorium with chairs 6ft apart

Bleak reality of a coronavirus lockdown funeral is revealed as undertaker shares heartbreaking photo from inside crematorium with chairs spaced 6ft apart

  • Phil Cosgrove has shared heartbreaking photo of inside of crematorium
  • Ten chairs are spaced around the small chapel 6ft apart from each other
  • Undertaker Mr Cosgrove is pleading with public to take coronavirus seriously
  • He is urging Britons to comply with Government’s strict measures 
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A funeral director has shared a heartbreaking photo from inside a Liverpool crematorium which shows just 10 chairs spread around the chapel.

Phil Cosgrove, who runs an independent funeral service in Whiston, says the Government’s strict coronavirus measures – including social distancing – are limiting the number of bereaved family members allowed to attend funerals. 

His photo, taken inside Springwood Crematorium, shows chairs spaced 6ft apart – including those reserved for the closest relatives.

The undertaker claimed Boris Johnson’s draconian measures had escalated to the point that funeral capacities have shrunken from 30 people to 10 this week.

Families cannot dress their loved ones in their own clothes to avoid the risk of infection. They are instead dressed in a gown.   

Mourners are being issued with black latex gloves on their way into the chapel, which are then safely collected in a hazardous waste bag at the end of the service. 

Phil Cosgrove has shared a heartbreaking photo of the inside of Springwood Crematorium in Liverpool, which shows just 10 chairs spaced 6ft apart during service

The family funeral service has also stopped providing pallbearers or limousines, limiting the service to just one hearse with a driver and undertake attending. 

Mr Cosgrove hopes this photo will shock millions of Britons who continue to flout Government measures to combat the pandemic into compliance.  

He is begging the public to follow official advice, adding: ‘Hopefully this photo will give them something to think about when they are going out for the sake of it.’

‘If they don’t listen to Boris Johnson will they listen to me?’

He explained: ‘But it can’t do any harm – if we all urge everyone to follow these rules then hopefully it’ll go a lot quicker for us all.  

‘Our hearts go out to poor families who are grieving and experiencing these limitations at their loved ones’ funerals.

‘But there are still people not getting the seriousness of all of this.’ 

Phil Cosgrove says the Government’s strict coronavirus measures – including social distancing – are limiting the number of bereaved family members allowed to attend funerals

As millions of Britons continue to violate Mr Johnson’s draconian lockdown, police have responded by cracking down on members of the public rebelling. 

Derbyshire Police’s drone unit is using one its unmanned aircraft to swoop on people flouting the travel ban, while on Tyneside Northumbria Police broke up a football match because only two people can gather together for the next three weeks.

North Yorkshire Police said it will now be using unannounced checkpoints to stop vehicles and order drivers to divulge details of their journeys.

Devon police officers have responded in kind, as the Home Office prepares to announce new powers for police to help them break up public gatherings.  

Those powers are likely to include the ‘last resort’ ability to force people to go home if they fail to listen to police direction or take notice of a £30 fine.

The use of travel checks sparked fierce criticism from civil liberties groups with police officers now seemingly being tasked with deciding how important someone’s journey is amid reports of dog walkers being told to go home after driving to a public space for exercise and of builders being stopped from driving to a job. 

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