Unemployed single mum handed £32k at Jobcentre after sitting in ‘right seat’

An unemployed single mum was given £32,000 at a Jobcentre after a chance meeting with a CEO.

Jodie Graygoose, 30, was approached by Peter Kelly, CEO for Imployable, who decided to give her a 1% share of his company.

She received the incredible offer after sitting in the right seat at 10.10am with eight-year-old son Riley.

Peter had earlier drawn the time slot from a hat and decided to hand out the money to whoever sat in a seat he had chosen.

Jodie told Plymouth Live: “He said he wanted to gift me something. He asked how I feel about being at the Jobcentre, I said they help with what they can.

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“He told me he used to come to this Jobcentre and explained what he’s been doing, it was brilliant.

"He said ‘I want to gift you 1%’ and I was in shock. Why would you do that? I’ve now met Pete a couple of times and he’s absolutely lovely, such a genuine guy.

"It’s nice to be part of it, he keeps me updated. I wouldn’t claim to know anything about shares and don’t know what 1% means. I’m terrible with numbers, so when he was writing it down I was like, ‘Come on, dumb it down for me.’

"When I went to the offices to meet the team, we sat down and he talked me through it. When he told me I was like, ‘Oh my God, you must be crazy to give somebody you don’t know that kind of money’.”

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Peter explained that it was “his way of giving back”.

Jodie, who volunteers at a children’s centre, is planning to snap up more shares, but is leaving the money alone for the meantime.

She added: “It could’ve been anyone, I usually sit the other end I just sat in that chair for some unknown reason. Strange, but something drew me there.

"I just happen to be the person who sat in that seat. Wow. The Jobcentre was quite busy, it could’ve been anyone that sat there.

“I’m a bit in shock that it was me. I watch the video and I’m like ‘that’s me.’ I’m in shock really, it’s surreal."

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Jodie is planning to buy the house she currently lives in and is still looking for work.

Peter said: “It is very rare that you get the opportunity to change someone's life directly, this campaign was about giving a gift to someone who is deserving of a break whilst inspiring entrepreneurs to increase their social value and close the gap between businesses and society.

“I hope that people in the same position as Jodie can be inspired, be open to opportunity and achieve more than their circumstances dictate."

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