Waterfall divers offering extreme diving tour in Costa Rica

Extreme divers take daredevil tourists into the Costa Rica jungle to leap from waterfalls up to 100ft high in incredible footage

  • Adrenaline junkies can jump from cliffs starting at 20ft going up to 100ft
  • Footage shows a series of clips where daredevils jump into deep pools beneath
  • Prices start from just £110 and includes a beach swim and rain-forest lunch

A pair of extreme divers in Costa Rica have begun offering  a thrilling waterfall diving tour for daredevil tourists.

A series of stunning photographs shows thrill-seeking holiday makers jumping from cliffs as high as 100ft into the pools below.

The group of divers jump from the rocks into the roar of the cascading water and plunge into the pool below.

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    Stunning footage shows the divers in a series of clips performing nail-biting jumps from the slippery rocks and plunging into the pools below.

    Divers Matthew Rosenthal and Brian Galloway spend their time finding safe places to jump from falls across the central American country.


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    The tours are run by a group called Paddle 9 and cost £110 to do. Here, a woman basks by the waterfall. Right, a man plunges into the water

    A group of friends pose for a photo during their tour. The experience includes a hike and drops from 20-100ft

    Rosenthal said: ‘If you just follow a river, the chances are you are going to find a waterfall. Sometimes you just get really lucky and find an epic waterfall, it is the best feeling ever.

    ‘It doesn’t take long to find one, it might not be the most beautiful waterfall you will ever see, but there will always be a little swimming hole you can dive into.

    Two women watch their male friend perform a back flip off the cliff edge in one of the lower drops

    Divers Matthew Rosenthal and Brian Galloway spend their time finding safe places to jump from falls across the central American country.  Left, a stunning image of a man diving from 100ft and left two ladies pose by a majestic waterfall

    An older gentleman enjoys the drop from 30ft as fellow thrill-seeking tourists look on. The guides They have so far been taking groups of people around the Nauyaca Waterfall

    A woman is captured mid-dive just before she plunges into the water. The guides said that it isn’t hard to find a good waterfall to dive from and that it is ‘just luck’

     ‘We have such a wild time, I love it so much,’ he added.

    Rosenthal and Galloway own the diving company, Paddle 9, which has been running since 2014.

    They have so far been taking groups of people around the Nauyaca Waterfall, located in the southern region of Costa Rica. 

    Costa Rica is famed for it’s majestic waterfalls and rainforest hikes which are among some of the main attractions of the southern region.



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