What is Donald Trump doing now he is no longer president?

Donald Trump could be ‘kingmaker’ in new party says expert

Donald Trump’s single term as President of the United States came to an undignified end on January 20 with the inauguration of Joe Biden, his Democrat opposition. Hosting his own goodbye ceremony in Maryland instead of attending the ceremony for the successor, Mr Trump told his supporters: “We love you, we will be back in some form.”

Upon leaving the rather muted ceremony, he flew with his family to his home in Florida – his last trip on the President’s personal aircraft, Air Force One.

While his whole presidency is being considered largely divisive and largely unsuccessful by experts and critics, the last months of his presidency were marked by his attempts to get his far-right supporters to overthrow the democratic processes of the transfer of power from himself to Joe Biden.

His supporters attacked the Capitol in Washington DC, while the President failed to tell his fans to disperse.

The act has led to the former president being impeached for the second time, and he was deserted by many of his loyal supporters in the US Government.

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What is Donald Trump doing now?

Mr Trump is currently living with his family at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

The disgraced president has made it clear he does not plan on quitting politics, having set up an office for the purpose of continuing the agenda of his former administration.

A statement said: “The Office will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism.”

Mr Trump is also awaiting trial for his impeachment, which could bar him from holding public office again.

Impeachment is the process by which Congress can put presidents on trial.

A scope of offenses can lead to a president being impeached, including treason, bribery, and other extreme crimes.

As the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives has delivered their article of impeachment, Mr Trump now faces trial in the Senate.

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The trial, on the charge of “Incitement of Insurrection”, does not yet have a start date.

It should have begun on January 27, but Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer agreed an extension at the behest of Republican leader, Mitch McConnell.

A two-third majority in the Senate would result in the former president’s conviction.

There is also the matter of Mr Trump’s private affairs, with investigations being held by city law-enforcement officials in New York.

Lawyers are independently pursuing potential criminal charges related to Mr Trump’s business practices prior to his presidency.

He is also facing several charges of sexual assault from multiple women.

Just one example is Columnist E. Jean Carroll, who has accused Trump of assaulting her in the ’90s and has filed a suit.

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