Woman arrives home to find neighbour’s pit bull dog eating her cat

Horrifying footage has emerged of the moment a disabled woman arrived home to find a huge pit bull rampaging through her home – and eating her cat.

The unnamed Texas woman, who is wheel-chair bound, could do nothing except watch in horror as it continued to feast upon her pet.

She captured the heartbreaking sight on video, which shows the huge animal tearing apart the kitten on the floor surrounded by detritus and gore.

MirrorOnline has decided not to run the distressing footage.

It appears to have forced its way inside through the patio door. Furniture is tipped over and rubble is strewn across the floor.

In the video the woman, weeping inconsolably, says: "This dog came into our house and killed our cat. I can’t get out.

"It’s eating my cat."

So far the footage has been shared more than 65,000 times.

The dog is believed to belong to a neighbour and the woman has vowed to press charges in the future.

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