Woman screaming ‘we’re all going to die’ forces plane into an emergency landing

A woman screaming "we're all going to die" at fellow passengers forced a plane into making a dramatic emergency landing.

The American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles had to be diverted to El Paso airport following a "disturbance in the cabin".

Once the aircraft was grounded in Texas the unruly traveller onboard the Airbus A321 was arrested.

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Footage shot on a phone, which was shared online, showed the woman being escorted off the plane by El Paso police while a flight attendant explained what was happening to passengers in Spanish.

Witnesses meanwhile described a panicked woman approaching a flight attendant and yelling aggressive phrases at them, before moving on to harass passengers.

A business traveller on board the flight recalled a sudden outbreak of commotion, while minding their own business on the early morning flight.

He told the Daily Beast: “All of a sudden, we heard screaming coming from the back, and a flight attendant was saying to a passenger, like, ‘Are you in danger? Is anything going on? Are you OK?’ And she said, ‘No, we’re all gonna die. Repent, repent!”

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She then reportedly ran over to the business traveller and his neighbour shouting “repent, repent, we’re all gonna die,” before briefly communicating in a normal speaking voice and then again yelling, this time repeating "redemption is coming!"

The witness said he believed the disturbance began after the woman had moved towards the front of the plane to use the toilet.

After the woman was removed, firefighters inspected the plane before it was allowed to take-off and resume the journey. No statement on the incident has been released yet by local police.


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